A set of programs for managing Windows systems

This set of scripts is a miscellany of useful utilities and other tools that I have found useful for managing Windows. These scripts are released under a BSD license and therefore present no legal issues in using or modifying them.



Name Purpose
addpath.vbs Adds a path to your PATH environmental variable
deleteProfile.vbs Like delprof.exe (it deletes profiles on a computer), but is far more versatile - offering regex support, and a few other features
inpath.vbs Tests to see if a path is located in the PATH variable. Not so much
loginErase.vbs Erases or replaces the last login details (name and domain) on the machine. Although it seems like a fairly worthless utility, it's useful when you want to make sure whoever logs into the computer does so with the correct domain.
regexTester.vbs Useful script for testing if a regex matches a certain string.