JavaScript Goodies

A while back, I wrote a quick JavaScript manipulator for my own usage, but never posted it. I have always struggled to read really terrible text online (no thanks to horrid fonts and colors), so I wrote a javascript page to be used as an online reader wherever I go.

Take a look at it here.

(Free Shipping | Unshakable Childbirth)

In case you're wondering about the bizarre title, it's from the multitude of spam messages that I found on my Forth wiki. So, after getting hijacked, I decided to do a few things about it:

  1. Save my wiki
  2. Write an extension to help other mediawiki users revert these changes
  3. Perform analysis on what I found
Read about it here

Still Alive

Contrary to popular belief, I am quite alive. I have just been very busy with school and work, and I have been completely unable to polish any of the articles and programs I want to post.

In the meantime, you can check out my work on Forth, including a Forth Wiki and a live Forth CD (based on Debian Live) to give you a taste of Forth. The live cd uses LXDE as a desktop, which I find I am starting to like more and more (given Gnome's bloat and KDE's insatiable appetite for resources - read more here).

A load of old Windows scripts

While digging through some old backups during Backup Day (and ensuring that I had set up my computers to rsync), I found a set of rather useful scripts that I used during my time as an IT volunteer.

They immediately reminded me of my experience with Windows administration: while it's often easy 1, Windows administration can be very frustrating.

Two outstanding issues come to mind: first, that every program insists on having its own updater (often just a nagscreen to "recommend" you go to the site and download a new version; and second, that there is hardy any support for Unix-style shell programming. Most management programs on Windows are either HUGE in scope, or too narrow. So narrow in fact, that it can't be applied to most situations... just as I discovered one fateful week when trying to use delprof.exe...



1 I admit Active Directory is pretty good, and I could write an entire book on why I love the Sysinternal Suite - maybe I'll write on article on their usage someday

Wait, really?

So I took a few quizzes (What Programming Language are You? and What OS Are You?) at BBSpot. The results are truly astounding and life changing.

You are Smalltalk. You like to treat everyone the same way, but this lack of individuality makes everyone feel like objects.

Well, maybe not completely unrelatable. I don't mind Smalltalk at all, and Squeak is rather fun. You'd think I'd get Perl for all of my incomprehensibility, though. :P

You are Apple Dos. Simple and primitive with a good understanding of the common man.  You're still a work in progress, but a good start.

Wait, what? Apple DOS 3.1? Really? Hey, at least I'm not Windows Vista.

'Bout time!

Yes, I did a slight site redesign. I hope you'll find the site slightly more accessible.

Finally got "About" done!

Please do check it out.


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