Here's a GNU/Linux Live CD based on Debian Live that includes a selection of Forths for your usage. It uses LXDE as a desktop, so it's light and fast.

You can try the image out with QEMU or Vmware player or something similar. Personally, I burn the image to a CD and boot my computer into it because I find virtualization performance to be noticeably disappointing on most machines. The ISO seems to work fine on my old Athlon 667Mhz machine and works about as fast as my normal desktop Debian on my 5-year-old laptop.

What doesn't work? I still have to implement a lot of the desktop enhancements: the forth-inspired backgrounds, the desktop links to various Forths, etc. You'll have to access the Forths through the LXTerminal.

To get into the system: use "user" as a login and "live" as a password. Alternatively, you can just wait as there is an automatic log-in.

Name/Version GUI Size Base image Download Features MD5 Sum
Forth Live! 0.2 .ISO LXDE 501.0 MB (525336576 bytes) Debian Squeeze Live HERE Vim, Gedit, wicd, yforth, pforth, bigforth, gforth 02a6524fa24c837eb55bc54db166f065